Brisbane Bushwalkers Club offers a wide range of activities for members' enjoyment.

The main club activities are day walks, through walks and base camps. These are supplemented by other activities, which include kayaking, training, photography, cycling, and some social activities that don't involve walking.

The Club encourages its members to attain and improve skills associated with bushwalking and leadership, including navaigation and first aid. The club conducts navigation days several times per year to assist in improving skills in navigation, and organises first aid courses as availability permits.

List of Activity Types

The table below contains the full list of activity types that Brisbane Bushwalkers undertakes.

Code Name
Abseiling is a controlled descent of a vertical drop, such as a rock face, using a rope. Abseiling activities often involve a walk to a steep drop, and a descent over that drop. Attending an abseiling training weekend, periodicially offered by the club, is a prerequisite of nomination for these events.
Base Camp
Base Camps involve travelling to a location, and then staying at that location and using it as a base for day walks or other activities. Base Camps are not always camping based.  Sometimes Base Camps are offered where the base is a lodge or other built accommodation.
Cycling activities are conducted similarly to day walks, however instead of walking, participants cycle.
Day Walk
Day Walks are the primary activity the club offers.  A Day Walk is a walk that is undertaken over the course of a single day.
Easy Through Walk
An Easy Through Walk is a subcategory of Through Walk.  A multi-day walk, where one must carry one's own camping gear and food.  Easy Through Walks are typically less challenging, and are conducted to introduce participants to through walking.
Kayaking activities are conducted similarly to day walks, however instead of walking, participants kayak.  Kayaking activities may take place in lakes, creeks, rivers or shorelines.
Meetings are conducted at the Newmarket Memorial Hall, on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month.  Each Meeting starts at 7:30pm.
MiniMaxS Walk
MiniMaxS are training walks emphasising Minimum Impact, Maximum Safety, along with explanations of club culture and etiquette.
Night Cycle
Night cycling activities are conducted similarly to night walks, however instead of walking, participants cycle.
Night Walk
Unlike a Day Walk, a Night Walk is a walk that is undertaken over the course of a single night.  These types of walks often present additional challenges, such as trickier navigation and traversal of terrain.
A Rogaine is a type of walk that is typically undertaken specifically for the purpose of engaging in using navigation skills.  These are often timed walks, so a fast pace is often required.
Safety & Training
Safety and Training activities are conducted specifically to heighten the skills of leaders and other members.  Examples of Safety and Training activities are Navigation Training weekends, First Aid Courses, Abseiling Courses, and Leader Training Base Camps.
Social Activies are activities where the purpose of meeting is to socialise and interact with other club members.  The most common social activities are dinner evenings, however in the past there have been mini-golf days and film nights.
Surveys are activities conducted specifically for the purpose of scoping new locations, or locations that have not been visited for some time, for suitability to use for day walks, through walks or otherwise.  Surveys usually consist of small, experienced groups.
Through Walk
Through Walks typically begin on Friday night and finish on Sunday afternoon/evening. The walker must carry all their gear for camping out overnight, sometimes including water for the weekend. These walks are regarded as the ultimate in walking, as you are able to visit more remote areas not able to be accessed by road and therefore considered more interesting and sometimes challenging. In contrast there are some fairly easy through walks, which are, for the most part on tracks, yet still giving the impression of being somewhere fairly remote, interesting and away from civilisation.
Training Walk
Training walks are geared specifically toward developing skills or fitness. The Club holds a number of training walks and training days, which cover leader's training camps, abseiling, navigation, map and compass reading, and first aid.