BBW response to COVID-19/Influenza

All Brisbane Bushwalkers Club Inc. members

The Management Committee monitors and complies with the Covid-19 regulations published by the Queensland Government. We ask all of you to keep up to date and monitor the  Fed Govt Covid19 website and the Qld Govt Covid19 website and note that the situation is changing constantly.

Club response to the regulations
  1. Everyone is encouraged to carry and wear a mask when required by Qld state legislation and physical distancing is not possible.

  2. Members are encouraged to wear masks when travelling in cars together.

  3. If you feel unwell at all please withdraw from BBW activities.

  4. If you are diagnosed with Covid and could have been infectious on a BBW activity, please advise the Safety & Training Secretary and the walk leader.

On behalf of the Brisbane Bushwalkers Club Inc. Management Committee

Tom Vaughan
Brisbane Bushwalkers Club Inc.

Next Club Meeting

The next Brisbane Bushwalkers club meeting will take place at 7:30pm on Wed 13th July 2022.

Stinging Trees - Botany, Hazards and Treatments by Paul Hinkley

As bushwalkers we regularly see stinging trees ("gympie-gympies"), small and large, in rainforests and beside creeks and occassionally get stung through accidental contact.  Some have a mild reaction whereas others have had very severe reactions lasting many hours to days and even weeks. Paul Hinkley has researched the botany, hazards, toxicology and treatments and has canvassed advice and opinion from experts.  He will present his finding at this BBW meeting. You will find the topic interesting from a naturalist's perpective as well as being very important to your personal health and safety.  Walk leaders should be especially familar with the topic. In the meantime, if any members have stinging tree experiences you would like to share, please contact Paul by phone or email (Details can be found under the "Member Search" on the website).  

Please join us at Newmarket Memorial Hall, corner of Enoggera Road and Ashgrove Avenue, Newmarket (Map).

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