Our Next Meeting

The next Brisbane Bushwalkers meeting will take place at 7:30pm on Wed 22nd February 2017.

Bring & Buy plus Support our Ladakh trekking guides

Many of us have become gear junkies, buying the newest or lightest or most gadgety items when it comes to bushwalking. Now is the time to get rid of some of those impulse purchases, or items that you may just no longer need. And a chance to possibly pick up something that you never knew you needed till you saw it! Therefore bring any items you wish to sell to the meeting - clearly labelled with your name and a desired price. This is not an auction - you will be responsible for your own bargaining & sales Plus: Last year in 2016 a group of BBW’s trekked in northern India to Ladakh to summit a 6,200m peak called Kang Yatse.  During the weeks spent in Ladakh our guides were the most supportive and lovable people on earth.  But we noticed that they had minimal clothing and gear compared to us.  Some of the guides were new trainees and had to build their trek experience in order to earn money and buy better gear. Please support these young Guides and their families by donating any walking/trekking gear you have.  We will see that they get it via the Ladakh Travel company.

Please join us at Newmarket Memorial Hall, corner of Enoggera Road and Ashgrove Avenue, Newmarket (Map).