The club is a group of people from diverse backgrounds who enjoy outdoor adventure particularly in the wonderful natural areas of South East Queensland and beyond.

Bushwalking is our main activity. It is the Australian term for Hiking, Tramping, Trekking, Hill Walking, Rambling etc. Most of the bushwalking trips are day walks starting 6am or 7am (depending on the difficulty) and finishing mid afternoon and sometimes late afternoon. Walks involving two or more days are held regularly. These are called Through Walks and involve pack carrying and camping overnight. Base Camps are also held. On a Base Camp, walks each day leave from the camp usually close to the cars.

Bushwalking is an adventurous and sociable activity. It provides the opportunity to build fitness and endurance, acquire navigation, survival and first aid skills, to be self sufficient in the Australian bush as well as developing leadership skills and long lasting friendships.

Training activities include first aid courses (subsidised for full members), leader training, navigation, abseiling (for full members), night walks and fitness training sessions. Other outdoor activities may appear on the program such as kayaking, cycling, bird watching & photography walks.

Activities are organized on a voluntary basis by and for club members. There are no paid workers. Club members provide all the administration and coordinate all the activities - from Outdoor to Social.

The club's aims are:

  • To encourage bushwalking as a means of recreation
  • To establish regard for the welfare, preservation and conservation of the natural environment
  • To promote social activity amongst members