Membership should be renewed each year, after the AGM and before 31st January. That is, in November, December or January.

We are in the process of changing procedures for Probationary members.  If your membership expiry date is earlier than 31st January, then you will need to pay a fee of $40 before that expiry date, and your membershp will then be extended to 31st January2019. You can find your membership expiry date on your Renewal History page.

Renew at a Meeting

Bring your cash or cheque payment to the Treasurer at a club meeting. (You cannot use your credit card or pay wave.) Be aware that there may be a significant queue in January, so consider renewing in November or December instead.

Renew Online

You may find it more convenient to renew your membership by paying online. This way, you will not have to join the queue at the meeting. (We would still love to see you at a few meetings each year - please choose a few that suit your timetable and interests.)

But don't expect this to be an instant renewal. The volunteers who process the online renewals will try to do it each fortnight to coincide with the meeting. They will probably not do it at the same moment you submit your payment. So it is best you submit your renewal payment early. At least a few days before the last meeting before your membership is due to expire.

Use your own internet banking to deposit the correct amount into the club's bank account:

  • BSB: 124-021
  • Account: 1041-4419
  • Put your name as the reference for the transaction.

Many of the internet banking sites allow you to enter one reference to show on your account and another to show to the payee. In these cases put your name in the Payee Reference field.

How Much?

  • $40 single, or $60 per couple


(Have you heard that probationary members pay $25 for six months?  That is old news. From 1st May 2017, probationary members pay $40 per year, same as ordinary members.)