Ordinary Membership

Should be renewed each year, after the AGM and before 31st Jan. That is, in November, December or January for the period 1st Feb to 31st Jan.

Ordinary member (single) $40 Pay or or before 31st Jan
Ordinary member (couple) $60


Discount - Ordinary member (single)
Member between 10 and 20 years with the Club
$20 Members must advise the Registrar* that they wish to take up the reduced fee or free membership on a yearly basis
Discount - Ordinary member (couple)
Both members between 10 and 20 years with the Club
Discount - Ordinary member (single/couple)
20 or more years with the Club


Honorary life member $0 Committee notifies the Registrar

* registrar@brisbanebushwalkers.org.au

Probationary Membership

May be renewed as many times as necessary for periods of six (6) months. The Club does not impose a time limit.

Probationary member (single) $25 Pay on or before the expiry month
Probationary member (couple) $40



A former member/s who would like to re-activate their membership.

If former Ordinary Member
You must pay your re-nomination to 31st Jan. The fee is reduced on a pro-rata basis from the re-joining month. Check table fee on the Ordinary Membership page to identify payment fee
If former Probationary Member
Period: Six (6) months from payment date
Single - $25
Couple - $40

We still require you to provide your contact details for us to find you in the database and keep records of your updated information. Please complete the Membership Renewal form and bring it to a Club meeting or scan and email to the Registrar*. Payment is as per options below.

* registrar@brisbanebushwalkers.org.au

Renew/pay membership fee at a Meeting

Bring your cash or cheque payment to the Treasurer at a club meeting. (You cannot use your credit card or pay wave.) Be aware that there may be a significant queue in January, so consider renewing in November or December instead.

Renew/pay membership fee Online

You may find it more convenient to renew your membership by paying online. Use your own internet banking to deposit the correct amount into the Club's bank account:

BSB 124-021
Account 1041-4419
Transaction reference or
Payee Reference field
Your name

Please, do not expect this to be an instant renewal. The volunteers who process the online renewals will try to do it each fortnight to coincide with the meeting. So it is best you submit your renewal payment early.