Becoming a Member

If you are interested in joining the Brisbane Bushwalkers Club, then you need to complete the following steps:

1. Register online before attending your first meeting

  • Follow the link to the registration page and complete the online registration process.  You will need a working, valid email address to complete the online registration process.
  • Once completed, print the application form and bring it along to a Club meeting.
  • Note - your online registration will not be activated until you have attended a Club meeting with your registration form.

2. Attend a Club Meeting

  • It is a Club requirement that you attend a Club meeting to join the Club and it is not possible to join / pay your joining fees online. You will need to receive the New Members briefing in person at a meeting.
  • The briefing session is about bushwalking and the Club. It starts at 7:30pm and is provided by the new members officer. At this meeting, you can have your questions answered.
  • If you wish to join, the new members officer will sign your application form after the briefing.
  • After this meeting, you are welcome to attend the presentation from a guest speaker. This is followed by supper.
  • Club meeting dates, time, location and joining fee
Meeting dates 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month
Note: because of Christmas, there is no meeting on the 4th Wednesday in December
Meeting time 7.30pm
Location Newmarket Memorial Hall, corner of Enoggera Road and Ashgrove Avenue, Newmarket.
[Google Map]
Suggested parking in the underground car park of the shopping centre on the other side of the road and please not in the Dominos car park next door
Joining fee $20 for a six (6) months period
Please bring cash or a cheque - no credit or debit cards accepted. A Members Handbook will be provided.

3. Nominate for walks

  • Within a couple of days of paying your fees, your website access will be updated to enable you to nominate online for Club activities.
  • Ideally, your first walk should be a New Members Walk, which BBW refers to as MinIMaxS walks (Minimal Impact Maximum Safety). This is an induction day, generally an easy walk, designed to be an introduction to bushwalking and BBW. Topics covered in this walk include
    • safety
    • what to take
    • the BBW grading system
    • bushwalking ethics
    • dealing with emergencies and more

Experienced bushwalkers/hikers are asked to share their experience and knowledge with brand new walkers. 

  • It is important to choose walks within your fitness, skill and experience level.
  • Nomination for walks may be online, by emailing the leader or by phone. It is the leader's decision as to whether a nomination is accepted. Leaders plan and manage their walks for the enjoyment of all participants and in some cases may need to verify a person's fitness/ability by checking a person's walk history and/or talking to other leaders. Note that Leaders are volunteers, and run activities on behalf of the Club because they enjoy sharing their bushwalking experiences with other like-minded people.

4. Go walking

  • Meeting places and starting times for walks are listed on the website.
  • Equipment to be taken and suggestions for suitable clothing for bushwalking can be found at the Equipment page FIX LINK
  • The Club has a designated Contact Officer. If there is a problem or a delay returning to Brisbane the leader will endeavour to make contact with the Contact Officer. Walk participants should ensure any relatives or friends who would be awaiting their return have the phone number of the Contact Officer. If concerned they can call the Contact Officer for information or to report that the person has not returned.

5. Full Membership (Ordinary Membership)

  • After completing a MinIMaxS walk and four (4) other walks, you may apply for full membership. Most new members achieve this within six (6) months of joining. The Club does not impose a time limit - the probationary membership may be renewed as many times as necessary.
  • The New Members introduction/induction walks - i.e. MinIMaxS walks are held regularly.
  • Ordinary members pay a yearly subscription. They are entitled to vote, to stand for committee positions, and to put themselves forward as walk leaders.
  • For more information, see the next section, Ordinary Membership.

Ordinary Membership

Ordinary members pay a yearly subscription. They are entitled to vote, to stand for committee positions and to put themselves forward as walk leaders. For more information on membership fees for ordinary members, see the next section, Membership Renewal.

Apply for ordinary membership

Probationary members who have completed a New Members Induction Training and four (4) walks can apply for Ordinary membership.

If you are interested in applying for ordinary membership, then you need to complete the following steps:

  1. Check your list of walks on the website to determine if you have completed New Members Induction Training and four (4) other walks.
  2. Contact The Registrar by email ( or come to a meeting and advise that you have completed the necessary walks and wish to upgrade to Ordinary Membership.  And pay the fee as detailed below under "Fee". 

Upon payment of the fee, The Registrar will update your membership record. You can check this when you log on to the website. Please allow 2 weeks for this to be done. The Registrar is a volunteer and does not work on Club business every night.


Upon application for ordinary membership, please pay the fee below to bring your membership expiry into line with the Club's membership year. 

Probationary membership expires quarter ending Payment          
August 31 Nil          

November 30

February 28 $20          
May 31 $10          

Information about how to pay your membership fee online can be found below in the Membership Renewal section

Note that you could also renew your probationary membership as many times as you like. See the Membership Renewal section below for more information.

Membership Renewal

Ordinary Membership

Should be renewed each year, after the AGM and before the 28th Feb. 

Ordinary member $40 Pay on or before 28th Feb
Honorary life member $0 Committee notifies the Registrar


Probationary Membership

May be renewed as many times as necessary for periods of six (6) months. The Club does not impose a time limit.

Probationary member $20 Pay on or before the expiry month


A former member/s who would like to re-activate their membership pays $10 a quarter to the 29th Feb.

We still require you to provide your contact details (Name, Address, Email, Phone) for us to find you in the database and keep records of your updated information. Please see the Registrar at a Club Meeting or email your details to the Registrar*.  Advise the Registrar if any contact details have changed since your previous membership. Payment is as per options below.

Renew/pay membership fee at a Meeting

Bring your cash or cheque payment to the Treasurer at a Club meeting. (You cannot use your credit card or pay wave.) Be aware that there may be a significant queue in February, so consider renewing in November, December or January instead.

Renew/pay membership fee Online (current members)

You may find it more convenient to renew your membership by paying online. Use your own internet banking to deposit the correct amount into the Club's bank account:

BSB 124-021
Account 1041-4419
Transaction reference or
Payee Reference field
Your name

Please, do not expect this to be an instant renewal. The volunteers who process the online renewals will try to do it each fortnight to coincide with the meeting. So it is best you submit your renewal payment early.

Leader Induction

If you are a member thinking of becoming a leader then start the process with a chat with leaders you meet on walks and any of the Committee members.

Leaders have to be full members who have participated in several walks. All aspiring leaders have to attend a leader training course which are run a couple of times a year.

The application and approval process are set out in Schedule 13 of the club's By-Laws in ‘Selecting BBW Activity Leaders’. The document also includes the Leaders’ Selection Criteria that the Committee use when evaluating applications.