Becoming a BBW Member

If you are interested in joining the Brisbane Bushwalkers Club:

  1. You must be over 18 years of age.
  2. Complete an online registration form for each person by following this link: registration page
  3. Print the completed form, read and agree to the terms and conditions by signing your application.
  4. Submit your application. Either:
    • scan your signed application form and email it to the New Members Officer at and then hand the signed original to the leader of your first walk, or
    • mail the original signed application to: The Secretary, GPO Box 1949, Brisbane 4001, or
    • submit your form in person at a club meeting on the 4th Wednesday of the month.
  5. Pay the Probationary membership fee.  Either:
    • make a direct deposit of $20 to Brisbane Bushwalkers Club
      BSB 124-021
      Account 1041-4419
      Transaction Reference Your name as it appears on your registration form

    • pay by cash or cheque at a club meeting on the 4th Wednesday of the month. Please note, there are no EFTPOS or credit card facilities.
  6. On receipt of your application, you will be given a BBW Members Handbook by email or hard copy. This may take a few days.
  7. You will be advised of Probationary membership by email. This may take a few days.
  8. As a probationary member you will now have access to the club activities and to nominate for a New Member Induction Walk. New Member Induction walks are held regularly and one must be completed before you can go on any other club walks.
  9. At a New Member Induction Walk you will be instructed on the Club processes, what to take on a club walk, the BBW walk grading system, safety in the bush, the bushwalkers environmental code and other topics to ensure your walking experience is safe and enjoyable.
  10. After completing New Member Induction Training and 4 other walks, you may apply for ordinary membership. Most new members achieve this within 6 months of joining, but there is no time limit, probationary membership may be renewed many times.

Applying for Ordinary Membership

Ordinary members pay a yearly subscription. They are entitled to vote, to stand for committee positions and to put themselves forward as walk leaders.

Probationary members who have completed a New Members Induction Training and 4 other walks, excluding training walks, can apply for Ordinary membership.

  1. Check your walk history on the website to determine if you have completed the necessary walks.
  2. Advise The Registrar you want to apply. Either
    • email or
    • come to a meeting and advise the Registrar in person.
  3. Pay the fee below. These are staggered to bring your membership expiry into line with the Club's membership year.
    Probationary membership expires quarter ending Fee
    August 31 Nil
    November 30 $30
    February 28/29 $20
    May 31 $10

  4. The Registrar will update your membership record to ‘Ordinary’. You can check this when you log on to the website. Please allow 2 weeks.

Membership Renewal

Ordinary Membership

Renewed each year, after the AGM and before the 28th Feb.

Ordinary member $40
Honorary life member $0

There are a lot of fees to process in January and February, so please try and make renewal payments early.

Probationary Membership

May be renewed as many times as necessary for periods of 6 months. The Club does not impose a time limit.

It is recommended it is renewed a month or two before the expiry date.

Probationary member $20


A former member may re-activate their membership by paying $10 a quarter to the end of Feb.

Please provide your contact details (Name, Address, Email, Phone) so we can find you in the database. Please see the Registrar at a Club Meeting or email

Leader Induction

If you are a member thinking of becoming a leader then start the process with a chat with leaders you meet on walks and any of the Committee members.

Leaders must be full members who have participated in at least 15 walks. All aspiring leaders must attend a leader training course which are run a couple of times a year.

The application and approval process are set out in Schedule 13 of the club's By-Laws in ‘Selecting BBW Activity Leaders’. The document also includes the Leaders’ Selection Criteria that the Committee use when evaluating applications.