When a member develops a desire to lead walks, he or she should have a chat with an experienced leader or committee member and explain a little about his/her experience, and the types of activities that might be led in the first few months. Requirements for becoming a leader of BBW are set out in Schedule 13 of the club's By-Laws. The following process will be used. Note that these do not have to occur in any particular sequence.

  • The candidate attends a leader training course, organised by the S&T officer or another experienced leader. This course presents the topics contained in the Guide for Leaders, and allows the training officer to gauge the candidate's comprehension of and respect for those topics. There will be some discussions, role play and hands-on activities to explore the content of the Leaders Guide
  • The candidate must be an ordinary or life member.
  • The candidate reads the Guide for Leaders, which is available online.
  • The candidate must read and understand the club's Risk Management Policy.
  • The candidate must understand that a leader has a duty of care to the public and members.
  • The candidate should be aware of the Club's Rules and By-Laws
  • The candidate must complete the acknowledgement (Schedule 13, Annex C) that they have read and understood the Guide for Leaders.

After those steps are completed satisfactorily, the S&T officer proposes the candidate to the committee for approval as a leader. If the committee approves the application, the following actions will occur.

  • The Safety and Training officer adds the new leader's name to the leaders list.
  • The new leader is given access to the leaders privileges on the website, and added to the leader's email list. Now the new leader can participate in leaders forum, including requesting co-leading assistance
  • The new leader places their first walk on the calendar via the web site.
  • The Safety and Training officer announces and welcomes the new leader in the magazine and at a meeting.