The closing date for entries in this year’s competition is Friday 22nd September.

The presentation ceremony will be held on Wednesday 11th October at 7:40pm at the Newmarket Hall.

There will be seven categories as follows:

1. Scenery & Landscape: Photographs in any natural scene which may be a seascape, mountain vista, bush scene or scene you deem to be landscape.

2. Flora & Fauna: Photographs may include any native wildlife, including any macro of fungi, flora or abstract you deem to be macro along the way.

3. Action & Adventure: Photographs may be bushwalking, abseiling, kayaking, cycling, and base camping and demonstrate what being a member of BBW is all about.

4. Capture of Natural Light: Photographs can include outdoor scenery with natural light.

5. Artistic: Use of camera settings to add things (such as pigeons!!) that weren’t naturally present or alter images as they are taken. Extensive post processing is also allowed.  Turn your photo into a work of art.

6. Funny: Any photo that creates a laugh.

7. BBW75: Photos from the BBW75 Events, including the Platinum Boot weekends, the Pilgrimage, the Toohey Forest Walk and the 75th Cocktail Party Celebration.
NB: Category 7 will be judged by a people’s choice vote, so content may be more important than technical skill.



Conditions of entry

  • You must be a club member.

  • You should only submit photos taken on a BBW club activity, that was listed on the calendar, unless you have a strong desire to submit photos of related activities.

  • You may submit up to 10 photos or less.

  • You must submit each entry in the category to be judged in yourself.

  • By submitting photographs, you give permission for Brisbane Bushwalkers Club Inc. to reproduce your competition images online, in print, and using a projector or screen display for the purpose of presenting and publishing competition results.

  • You also give permission for competition images to be shared with sponsors for publishing on their websites if requested by them, in which case images will be required to reference this BBW 2023 photographic competition and give your name as photographer.

How to enter

  1. Photos should be compressed where practical to less than 3 megabytes.

  2. Upload no more than 10 photos. Use the hyperlink for any category folder you choose in the table above for each photo. (You may need to copy the hyperlink into your web browser and click “enter” or “go”).

  3. Once you have uploaded your photos, email with a list of each photo by file name or number, the category number (from 1 to 7) you selected for judging of that photo, and your title or description including the BBW or other activity and location.

  4. If you don’t know how to do steps 1 and 2, look online for help.

  5. Follow the instructions and make life easy for the photographic officer and the judge!

More information can be found here